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Shamanic Purification Lodge

For some time now I have liked to share with you the discovery of alternative realities in Versilia, in this article I want to talk to you about the shamanic purification hut experience.

I am increasingly discovering Versilia, which offers alternative, wellness and holistic experiences. I had already spoken in two articles of the blog of Agnese and reflexology, and of Veronica and her traditional dances. Today I tell you about another recent knowledge: Erica and Emanuela and in particular of one of the many experiences and services they offer, in Versilia: the shamanic Purification Lodge.

Erica and Emanuela

Erica Tricarico and Emanuela Lazzerini, are two women full of energy and enthusiasm who truly convey the joy of living. I met them by chance looking for information about the rituals of the Purification Lodge in Versilia.

Erica Tricarico Tabù Coach ® with coaching sessions and online courses helps women to value themselves in the personal and professional sphere and to make the best version of themselves blossom.

Emanuela Lazzerini Roy Hart voice teacher. In his work on the voice, he accompanies people to express parts of themselves with sound and song. The body, imagination, listening and play are elements that it uses to awaken and stimulate the vocal potential.

For over 10 years both are apprentices of the shamanic path of the Sweet Medicine of the Dance of the Sun. In Versilia they have created the Loggia dei Ciliegi, which proposes Shamanic Purification Lodges on a monthly basis during the autumn and winter period and teachings and training of Dolce Medicina Dance of the Sun.

What is the Shamanic Purification Lodge

The Red Lodge European shamanic explains: “In the physical space of the Lodge, that represents the Womb of Grandmother Earth, sitting next to each other, through the sweat and our words we reconnect with the Elements, Worlds, we purify, send out our intent to what is really important in our life and we “give away” what prevents us from fulfilling our dream.

It is a wonderful opportunity to bring balance to our female part- in touch with the earth we step into surrender and acceptance- and with our male part-our spiritual warrior can expand.

Entering in the Lodge is a chance to go in the dark of our soul with trust and innocence and bring more light into our life once we go out.”

How it works and what to bring

Erica and Emanuela explain to me that in the lodge hot stones are brought on which water is poured, so the temperatures are comparable to those of a Turkish bath. They explain to me that I can bring the costume, or, like in the sauna, I can enter by simply covering myself with a pareo. People sit on the ground in a circle, or you can bring a mat or a towel to put on the ground. Don’t forget to bring a flask with your own water, some slippers and a towel or bathrobe to dry off at the exit.

The purification hut, being a ritual, is offered in exchange for gifts. So Erica and Emanuela explain to me that everyone brings a gift for those who lead the experience and two gifts for the team that prepares the space. The gifts can be something that you know that the person who will receive them might like, or money. Something that created with your hands, foodstuffs … in short, whatever has a meaning in the exchange.

I can’t wait to tell you about my experience in the Loggia dei Ciliegi. If I have intrigued you and you want to try this shamanic purification ritual for info and contacts, write to loggiadeiciliegi@gmail.com.