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Mediterranean dance workshops in Versilia

You may say, why learn Pizzica dance in Versilia? Well, I was looking for traditional Versilia and Tuscan dances, when I ran into a laboratory in Pizzica, one of the most overwhelming Mediterranean folk traditions. La Pizzica, which comes from Salento, is music and dance, its rhythm, roots and magic. I really enjoyed the experience I had with Veronica Farnocchia and I decided to tell you more about this traditional Salento dance and the Veronica’s dance and music workshops.


mediterranean dance-Tuscany

Pizzica dance workshop in Versilia, Tuscany

Veronica Farnocchia, a passionate connoisseur of traditional Italian and world dances, tells us that Pizzica was born as a ritual. The ritual of the Pizzica Tarantata, tells that those who were bitten by the spider, especially the women, danced the frenetic dance. Actually the women, dressed in white, were turning … turning and they were beating their feet on the ground. Next to the ritual, which is a predominantly individual and female dance, there is also the pizzica-pizzica dance in pairs. The pizzica-pizzica is a dance for two, where everyone enters the rhythm of the other. We dance together without touching each other, we communicate with our eyes, and we align ourselves with our heart.

When she has the occasion, Veronica organizes meetings and laboratories of Pizzica dance in Versilia. I had the pleasure of participating in one of these workshops, organized in a very pleasant setting surrounded by nature, during which I had my first approach to Pizzica dance. The workshop is open to everyone, adults and children, women and men, everyone can participate. Veronica recommends us to wear comfortable clothes and in particular wide and long skirts for women.




Veronica’s dance workshops

During the workshop we learn the basic steps, the techniques of the laps and the Pizzica couple dancing. Veronica loves to take care above all of the expressive aspect and communication between the dancers. The workshop normally lasts two and a half hours. We twirled and skipped with impetus, on the cheerful and overwhelming music of the Pizzica. It is pure Mediterranean folklore, with song and rhythm, sounds, music and dance.

At the end of the workshop Veronica involved us in a Pizzica round with live music. His hands on the drum move fast and with precision, giving a scan to the frenetic rhythm, just as if it were the frenzy of the spider’s bite to lead the music. We all took part in the game with enthusiasm dancing and keeping the rhythm.





Veronica Farnocchia and her Pizzica dance workshops in Versilia

Veronica-Farnocchia_Pizzica-DancerVeronica was born in Tuscany, but she has been coming to Salento for 15 years, where she has known and absorbed the Pizzica directly in the places and from the people to whom these sounds belong. She runs her labs when she is in Versilia, both in Viareggio or in Camaiore. She is also available to organize workshops on request for a minimum of 4 people.