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Voice, breathe and body2

An inspirational journey, inside you

If you are looking for an opportunity for personal growth, and want to distance yourself from your daily self to get in touch with your most unexplored inner part, let yourself be inspired by this experience.
Your trip to Versilia can help you give space to your most authentic part, to sow change in your life, and bring home a memorable moment of change.


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Change through voice, body and breath

The voice is able to move and bring authentic emotions to the surface, it is an instrument of profound personal knowledge. The vibrations of his sound, like an internal massage, reach often forgotten corners of our body.

I had an early approach to music, but onlt in the last few years, I have realized how curative singing is. I, therefore, decided to resume the study of singing, and I am discovering how powerful this instrument put me in front of myself. The voice opens doors inside me, on hidden places. It allowed me to rediscover the game, to face my fears, to understand how to exceed my limits.

Experience with the voice in nature

Turn your journey into a memorable experience of change. Let yourself be guided by your breath, by contact with nature, without judgment, to bring out those most authentic emotions.

We live constantly in our mind, we let the head take over, we forget our body. The voice is a means that allows us to return to inhabit it. Through simple exercises in breathing, contact, meditation and voice we will re-emerge together, deep contact with the body.