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Visiting the art city of Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta is the most attractive city for artists in Versilia. You can find a lot of important art galleries and museums. Eveything is full of story and art there: the Duomo San Martino square, the chiostro of Sant’Agostino and the Bozzetti Museum, the Rocca di Sala on the top of the city with a breathtaking view.


Temporary exhibition (2015)


Every time I go to Pietrasanta it is always different, it can change clothes, but its art soul remain.

Temporary exhibition (2017)

I suggest to go there in the evening and enjoy the colours of the sunset from the Rocca, than you can have a drink in the Duomo square in one of the historical bar.

Breathtaking view from Rocca di Sala

There are a lot of restaurants there, but I want to suggest you one in particular: Sementis. Sementis offers very ealthy food, they buy products locally and they combine them with tradition but they also offer ethnic cuisine, “world inspired”. I love their motto “We prepare fresh, vibrant, simple, seasonal food as whole and organic as it can be, vegan and cruelty free. Our main ingredient is Love for what we do.


The atmosphere there is really cosy: warm and light colours, simple furniture based on a reuse design and recycled materials. The music is soft and chillout, I really loved the jazz music they played. I went there with my friend Berenice, she tasted the indian thali and I eat the Vegan Sushi. It was really a good experience!