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Villa Gaia grew up and became Borgo4case

Online there are many stories of people who have decided to give up everything and go for a new life and have changed their existence in the name of happiness. This stories  are fascinating because they show a good dose of courage and madness that everyone knows to have inside, but which he is unlikely to accomplish for fear or for a thousand other reasons.

Today I want to tell you a story of change and life choices … mine! I have revolutionized my life and I want to share my story with you to get to know me a bit more closely and let you know that Borgo4case also grew up with me.



Let’s start from the basics: I’m Gaia, grown up with bread and salami, and originally from Milan. Each summer, along with my parents Lucio and Paola, I left Milan for Versilia full of promises that only the long childhood holidays can bring with them. In Tuscany I found a totally different environment from the city I was used to, with green hills, tranquility and lightheartedness.


Over time, I saw the desire for a lifetime of my parents to grow and realize: this dream in Camaiore was called Villa Gaia and took shape year after year with renovation, work and first clients who wanted to breathe the same tranquility I found every summer in Camaiore. With many sacrifices, my parents were building in the places of my childhood a rustic and harmonic space immersed in green.



At one point I realized that what I wanted was to wake me up every morning surrounded by olive trees and the hills of my vacations, where my parents found that paradise: it was time to move to Camaiore, From the city to the hills with a one-way ticket.



In 2011 we have completely renovated the houses of Villa Gaia to host travellers. Villa Gaia has grew up with me and has changed its name: now it’s called Borgo4case, the same welcome, same relaxing place, same family … just a little bigger! We have been taking care of this peaceful corner of Camaiore for more than twenty years and will continue to do so with great satisfaction in respecting our values: environmental sustainability, love for nature and genuine hospitality. So, are you coming to visit us? 😉