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Tuscan cooking experience with Paola and Gaia

Would you like to learn some simple and fun tuscan food in your holiday country house?

Book here your Tuscan cooking experience you’d like to make with Paola and Gaia.  A cooking experience in your holiday house is a wonderful way to dive into the Italian lifestyle and culture. What better souvenir to bring with you cooking knowledge to last a lifetime? Get ready to dirt your hands and eat good food with your hosts!


tuscan cooking experience


Who we are?

Hello we are Paola and Gaia, mother and daughter, owners of Borgo4case estate. We love to cook together and we love good food, especially when we are in good company! We are originally from Milan and we have chosen to live in Tuscany for the natural beauty and culture that Versilia offers us. We are not cooks but we like to experiment, learn and mix local traditions with ours. We offer you simple and home cooking, fun even with children and made from easy-to-find ingredients.


What is the Tuscan cooking experience with Paola and Gaia?

We share our cooking experience and love for cooking with you and your kids. It consists in 4 hours of cooking and eating a meal together. We buy the food and provide all the tools necessary to cook. We come to your kitchen or we set up an outdoor temporary kitchen. We start from local fresh ingredients, we prepare together some simple recipes from the Tuscan tradition.



tuscan cooking experience


How Tuscan Cooking experiences works

We offer you different types of recipes suitable for the whole family. The menu is realized together following your tastes: meat, fish or vegetarian. You will cook and eat simple and tasty Tuscan recipes such as Pappa al Pomodoro, scarpaccia di Camaiore or cecina (chickpea focaccia). If you would like to have fun with your kids you can learn to prepare fresh pasta together!

Gaia and Paola do the grocery and arrive in your holiday house kitchen with all the ingredients to arrange the dinner. When dishes are ready we eat all together, and Buon appetito!


tuscan cooking experience

tuscan cooking experience