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The sustainable travel: what to pack

What to pack for sustainable travel? Deciding what to pack is for me one of the most boring things in the organization of a trip. It is often difficult to decide what and how many things to pack, especially because when I’m flying or traveling on foot the bag must be very small. Certainly in my luggage in recent years I always try to put some items that can be useful and reusable and that can help me save waste during the trip.

Let’s see together what to put in your suitcase for sustainable travel.

sustainable travel-luggage

1. The beauty case

Bathroom is the place where we produce the most quantity of not recyclable waste. Personal hygiene and beauty products do not always have easy-to-recycle packaging and are often of synthetic origin. Therefore, I recently have been trying to turn my beauty case into a sustainability well, so I’ve replaced the classic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush, I use reusable cotton wipes and Argan oil as make-up remover, which I can also use to nourish the hair and skin when they are dry and then still a bar of soap and a refillable bottle of shampoo-bubble bath of rechargeable. A special tip for women: the menstrual cup. Since almost a year I use to buy the Moon cup, instead of absorbents and tampons, which avoids the production of a large volume of undifferentiated waste.




2. A reusable cloth bag

When we travel we would like to bring home the colors, the smells and the tastes of the land we visit. On my last trip to Sicily I spent more money on gastronomic and pastry souvenirs than for the whole holiday. So, in order to carry all my purchases, a reusable bag was essential to avoid the use of single-use bags. I also like to buy bags as souvenirs during my trips, so I have some, especially of cloth. Besides that you can also use it for shopping in a local market or it can become the beach bag for the occasion, or my personal bag. So, unchain your imaginaa tion to decide what to do with your bag!




3. A water bottle

How many bottles of plastic can we save if we always carry a reusable bottle with us. There are all kinds and tastes, there are thermos flasks, like the one I have, or water bottles that help you to mark the amount of water you are drinking. I like the idea of having a container that has more features, so the thermos can allow me to decide to put inside a good hot tea to take me during my hikes in the mountains, or a nice fresh drink to drink when I’m at the beach.

Although it may seem more complex to actually prepare a suitcase for sustainable travel it is not that difficult. A sustainable suitcase is not enough for a sustainable travel, you should also choose to stay in an ecofriendly facility to fulfill your goal of green travelers. If you are looking for a solution for your next holidays, find our homes also on Ecobnb. Let me know if you have any other original tips and ideas to enrich the suitcase of the sustainable traveler!