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Dear tourist, traveller or temporary citizen

Dear tourist, traveller or temporary citizen,

I invite you to take your time, suspend it, extend it as you prefer to recover the lost one, preserve the one still to be found. There is a place, on the slopes of the Apuan Alps where you can give yourself the luxury of living that moment on your journey, to be preserved forever.

At Borgo4case we offer hospitality, with care and love for the land, and travellers who want to live temporarily. In my corner of nature, a green Tuscan paradise, in the rooms of our stone houses, among olive branches, surrounded by curtains and drapes of light, I would like to host many temporary citizens: travellers in search of memorable experiences, inspirations, places and ways of living, looking for answers, which very often become questions.




Where and how do you travel? Do you feel more like a tourist, a traveller or a temporary citizen? You can choose to be a co-creator of the hosting community, become a temporary inhabitant, whatever land or planet you plan to explore. I wait for you with open arms, I know that the first or later we will meet, in the here and now.

When you cross the door of our house you have the opportunity to discover Versilia as a temporary citizen by adopting this small decalogue, “so that the focus is no longer the place, but the community that revives the place itself”.


      • I am committed to being a temporarily responsible citizen
      • I take care of places inhabited by nature and by man
      • I read the stories and memories, through the eyes of those who lived them
      • I listen to the sound of what I see, the words of those who live there
      • I look and seek the soul of this place, its community
      • I feed on the dialogues we generate together
      • I share the knowledge that this land teaches me
      • I participate in his future, aware of the past
      • I entrust the richness that I am to this place
      • I bring with me the citizen I became

(Decalogue of the temporary citizen, Matera 2019)