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The artist’s way, a 5 day stay

La via dell’artista (the artist’s way) is a 5-day stay dedicated to yourself, and to your creativity. During this trip, you can explore your creativity in 5 days: one to land, one to let yourself go, one to explore, one to excite you and the last to realise what you have experienced and bring a deep memory with you.

“When was the last time you had the urge to draw? That you wrote your thoughts as they came to your mind? That you danced? Maybe you can’t even remember it … We all dreamt of painting, dancing, writing, composing music, but then we often gave up on that dream, convinced that we did not have enough talent for art. We justified ourselves with commitments or hid behind fear, shame, guilt. Nobody in fact ever explained to us how to give shape to those passions, to those creative impulses that we often feel and admire in certain personalities of culture and entertainment. ” (J. Cameron)



The artist’s way stay is inspired by the book by Julia Cameron, which tarts with the idea that artistic expression is not something artificial or innate, but the natural direction of everyone’s life. A path which brings you to search beyond fears, a path to be followed lovingly and embraced with all of our being. There is no need for long traineeships, or unheard of suffering to create: just the understanding of how to listen to yourself. No matter what your skills are, the qualities that you believe (or don’t believe) to possess: the artist’s way is open. If you are ready to change your life for the better, then this path is for you. ”


“Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it”

La via dell’artista, what to expect:

propose a 5 day stay here, as each day carries an important step with many small actions which will lead you to centre yourself, find the courage to explore yourself, and bring out and share the joy of finding yourself in your child artist. Here is a taste of the contents of your journey along the artist’s way:

1. Landing:

The first day is devoted to landing. Where am I? Where am I on my path? I want to define my creative awareness. What shape do the poles of my creativity have? What is the origin of my inspiration and what is the origin of the fear that can inhibit me?

2. Let go:

Abandon old beliefs, work to reveal negative conceptions and consciously get rid of them. Defeat the monsters and skeletons in the closet, give yourself permission. “Anger reveals to us the old life is now dying, that we are being born again and that being born again hurts … that’s why we get angry. Anger is the storm of fire that marks the death of our old life, it is the propellant that pushes us into the new one. “(J. Cameron)


“Watch your thoughts, because they become words. Be careful of words because they become actions. Attentive to actions, because they become habits. Attentive to habits, because they become character.
Attentive to character, because it becomes your destiny. “
(Lao TZU)

3. Explore

Enter inside, meet the child artist, learn to be protective of our inner artist. Observe our habits, confront yourself with loneliness. You will need to work hard to carve out time for yourself. By making small acts of love for you, every day.

You will meet my favourite artists of Versilia and you will visit their workshops: Jacob and his marble and wood sculptures, Franco portraitist, Irene specialised in engraving, printings and jewelery, Maicol photographer, videomaker and 3D sculptor expert.

4. Get excited

This day will be dedicated to recovering contact with our being. Listening to ourselves, also through breath and the body. We will reside below the surface of consciousness. We will discover we are vehicles, instruments rather than creators of what we express. Let our creation flow through us, listening.

5. Realize and transform into memory

The last day is a day of celebration, music and dance – the conclusion of the path. So, where did I get to? I take note of what I have done. I observe myself transformed and take with me what I have become. Together, at the end of our course, we will share the work we have created and receive certificates of participation as reminders of the journey we took.