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Sound healing with tibetan bells

spazio olistico campane tibetane in giardino Borgo4case Camaiore

Sound bath of Tibetan bells with Stefania Biancalana.

The Tibetan bells are sacred instruments and have a mystical appeal with a unique charm. The sounds and vibrations transport you to a timeless and spaceless place. They have the power to harmonize the body and energy centers, and the mind finds its stillness. Body-mind-spirit in balance and harmony, for a journey towards new awareness.

You can book an individual session or a couple or group session. The sound bath takes place in the garden on the holistic platform.


campane tibetane in natura Camaiore bagno sonoro

Stefania Biancalana is a holistic operator in Sound Massage with Tibetan Bells. She begins her training course in 2015 she is a teacher trainer in the three-year course of Naturopathy of the Lucca Popular University.