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Self-production and biodiversity

At the origins of our food, with the 5 senses

I propose a walk in our land dedicated to self-production and biodiversity, including fruit trees, olive trees and in the garden. A moment of contemplation, tasting and contact with nature and my land.

From the earth to the table, to discover together the flavors of Tuscany and learn to develop and preserve the garden’s products to create dishes linked to traditional recipes. I would like to exchange my knowledge in the kitchen, with your culinary traditions.



Since I lived in the countryside I have been able to apply the concepts already learned during my university studies in agriculture and urban planning and in Permaculture. I experimented with my own hands the processes behind food production, I dedicated myself to the cultivation, processing and preservation of food. I realized the importance of agriculture in land management, in the creation of the landscape, and in reducing my environmental impact on the planet.

Often explaining something is more difficult than doing it. So I try to give less space to words, to leave more breath to all the other senses: I invite you to try, put your hands in the earth, smell it, taste the fruits, observe the processes.

Sustainability and self-sufficiency

We believe that environmental sustainability is important, which is why we dedicate ourselves to self-production and increase biodiversity. Our idea of ​​hospitality wants to reconcile the best comfort with respect for the environment: for this reason we moved from the city to the countryside, where we produce fruit and vegetables, we invested in a photovoltaic system that reduces energy consumption from sources fossils and we have created a small lake for collecting rainwater useful for irrigating the garden, saving the drinking water of the aqueduct.

We contribute to enriching biodiversity, and a diverse landscape. We grow fruit plants and an ancient olive grove that gives us numerous fruits with which we passionately produce jams and a fragrant and lively Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Following the principles of the Permaculture every year we introduce novelties and experiment to push ourselves more and more towards the autonomy of this small system. Since 2016 we have started a small apiary with the aim of self-producing honey and improving the necessary pollination for fruit plants and for the vegetable garden.