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Home made pasta

Have you ever tried to prepare fresh home made pasta? borgo4case is the perfect place to try to do it. Our houses (Stalletta and Torretta) have comfortable kitchens where you can find italian kitchen book (in english) to let you inspire and experiment.


If you really want to try the tuscan feeling you should spend a day during your holiday just cooking in your home-away-from-home. At the local markets (Friday and Saturday morning in Camaiore) and shops you can find fresh ingredients to cook all the best italian recipe. Today we suggest you a special dish that we cook for some friends: taggliatelle with black truffle from Casentino.



1 egg each 100 g of flour, salt. Our hens would be glad to give you some of their eggs. We suggest to use a local flour get from ancient grain “Senatore Cappelli” that you can buy at Molino Angeli in Pietrasanta.

I add the beetroot powder to half dough to get a bicolour effect. Beetroot is a natural pigment, it can loose intensity during cooking, but the final effect is nevertheless pleasant!


We suggest you to try this pasta with EVO oil, truffle and a little of true italian Parmigiano Reggiano cheese slivers. It worth it!

Buon appetito