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Holistic wellness in Versilia: foot reflexology

Versilia, north Tuscany, is an area set between sea, country, mountain and nature, but it is also a place to rediscover one’s holistic well-being. For the past couple of years I have begun to discover different places dedicated to body care and holistic well-being in Versilia. In these places, among many people, I was struck by the work of Agnese Anselmi, InEssenza holistic operator, with massage and plantar reflexology. Agnese through body massage gave me the opportunity to open emotional doors, learn more about my body and learn to listen to me. I want to share with you some of Agnese’s reflections that have been useful to me to understand the importance of dedicating oneself to one’s own well-being.


InEssenza is for essence, within the essence of everything,
in the simplicity of the body,
of the encounter and the depth of every experience
that reaches the soul.




Holistic wellness: the language of our body.

How is our body? How important is our body living? We don’t know it until we start listening to each other. I started to need to listen to my body when I re-started singing during the last year. I also sang as a child, but today I do it with a new awareness. I’m just starting to understand how important is to listen to my body and learn its language, to get better with myself and my limits.

Agnese says that “we can learn an useful language to express what we feel physically. Our symptoms speak to us through this language. We can learn the rules, the words. The usage of terms such as “good or bad”, “better or worse”, “normal or strange”, trivialize the speech and keep the expression superficial without bringing useful and effective information. Let’s try to experience words and feelings as relaxed and tense, free and locked, alive, intense, soft and contracted, closed, wide, flows, chills, tingling, quiet, silence. It becomes like the beginning of an opening to the unknown, to a new way of listening, of observing, of seeking and finally finding. ”

I therefore learn that it is also important to properly define my bodily sensations with specific words. I begin to live together and to better understand my body and live in it with more awareness. Agnese continues: “We usually do so many things to take us away from ourselves, to distract ourselves, detach ourselves and separate ourselves. Maybe we can’t stand the company of what we have become; maybe some parts of us constantly remind us of what we don’t want to see and hear. But we are the only ones we will always be with.” It is an invitation to learn to love and take care of ourselves.


Lettura piede-benessere olistico


Holistic wellness in Versilia:

Agnese carries out the reading of the foot map, or plantar reflexology, to bring out different aspects of how we are and how we live our emotions. With Agnese I embarked on a sweet “journey” inside me, accompanied by the delicate touch of the massage and a welcoming mode, which immediately put me at ease. Through the reading of the foot she tells me a little about me: what I think, how I use my thoughts, with what elements I think.



Reading the map of foot

Inessenza -There are 4 foot zone:

1 – How much I think and how I express it.

2 – What I do as I relate to others, my desires, and my expression.

3 – What I feel, the emotional part. How I express my feelings. How much I feel and how I feel.

4 – What are my basic needs. My base, my story, and my trust and stability.




Touch and let you be touched

How much do you allow others to touch you? Are you very concrete and physical types or are you reserved and detached? I had never thought about how important touch is. Agnese in the presentation of this laboratory, dedicated to touch, writes: – Being able to touch and be touched is a matter of the heart. The arms and the hands are an extension of the heart: they are connected to the flow of breath, to giving and receiving.

The touch opens the doors to what is inside, and to what is outside. What we can express and what we can “bring home”. Contact is a fundamental, essential and elementary form of communication. The touch is not limited only to the skin but reaches the bones, up to the essence, up to the hidden corners of our being: it arrives at the famous “doors”, potentials, ecstasy and stillness. To touch it takes courage, to be touched we must “let go”, which means being open despite fear.


How much do you let life touch you?
What gesture, what attitude, and what atmosphere do you give to life?
(Abstract from InEssenza – Agnese Anselmi).


Agnese Anselmi, holistic operator:

Agnese-Anselmi-operatrice olisticaGrinberg Method training, Holistic Massage with Essential Oils, Pranotherapy, Post Traumatic Work and stress regulation. Agnese carries out body treatments with foot map analysis, reflexology. The instruments used are breath, body-mind attention and its mechanisms, defensive schemes and systems, posture and touch in order to enable the acquisition of tools, resources and potential for psychophysical recovery.

Study of Body Techniques: Marina di Pietrasanta, via serraglio 155
Centro Con-tatto: Pietrasanta, via del piastrone 44.  Info and contacts: Agnese 3492408682