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Grocery tips in Versilia

In this article, I suggest some of my favourite shops where buying organic local fresh food the more zero waste as possible. Below you will find some shops, producers, markets where you can find fresh products grouped by categories. Happy shopping!


vivere senza supermercato-versilia 

Where to shop for fruit and vegetables in Versilia

Camaiore’s land is famous for agriculture vocation, everyone has a vegetable garden and there are many farmers. Gardening is one of my passions, I like to grow my own vegetables, but when my production does not cover the family needs, I buy fresh products from local producers in Versilia. Over the years I have selected some producers that I know personally, from which I usually source:

  • Nicobio Biodynamic farm. Vegetables and Fruits. Deliveries in Versilia on Thursday and direct sales in the company, in Ponte a Moriano (LU). I had the pleasure of learning a lot from Federico during my Woofing experience that I did in his company for a few months. The passion and dedication he employs can be felt in the flavor of his delicious biodynamic vegetable!
  • L’orto di Tilli farm. Vegetable. Home delivery, direct sales in the company, Capezzano Pianore – Camaiore. A small company born in 2020 from my Australian friend Christopher’s passion for the land. His contagious sympathy deserves a visit to the company. Prepare mixed boxes and deliver them to your home.
  • P’orto – Calafata organic agricultural coop. Vegetables, fruit, oil, wine, honey. Online shop, direct sales, home delivery. Very efficient home delivery service. You can buy the box of mixed vegetables directly on the online shop.
  • Le vigne del Grillo organic farm. Vegetables, fruit, eggs, oil and wine. Direct sales. Pieve di Camaiore. Alberto and Giovanni offer tastings, picnics and visits to the company. The breathtaking view from their vineyard will leave you breathless. A few steps from Borgo4case.
  • Coldiretti farmer’s market in Camaiore on Saturday morning.


pescheria-Viareggio Pesce, Pesca, Pesca Tradizionale, Mercato Del Pesce

Meat and fish

Versilia has very rich gastronomy of both land and sea dishes. Viareggio is certainly the right place to go shopping for fish. You should go to Viareggio pier, at the end of the “passeggiata”. Here from June 1st to September 30th, from 7 to 10.30 and from 18 to 20 every day; and from 1 October to 30 May, from 7 to 11.30 and from 15.30 to 17.30, every day (including holidays), you will find the fishermen stall along the pier in Viareggio. It is worth a visit if only for the pleasure of seeing locals lifestyle.
Another place where I recommend you to go is the central market of Viareggio, in the pedestrian area in the city center, at the Pescheria Volpi. This is not only a fish shop but it is also a street food fish restaurant. You can order dishes, get a table and sit in the square to eat. It is a very rustic and very characteristic situation typical of Viareggio.

There is no better place than the “via di mezzo”, via Vittorio Emanuele, in Camaiore to find a good butcher. Among the most famous by Alan, that is also a restaurant with tables outside, Vecoli, another historic butcher. We also recommend the Butcher Lencioni Piero from which we mainly get our supplies in Capezzano Pianore.


Grocer’s shop: alimentari and gastronomie

I love alimentari and gastronomie because there I find local products, selected and often of excellent quality. I love buying genuine products to put on the table, and I really like going shopping and chatting with people. Every Friday in Camaiore and every Thursday along the promenade in Lido di Camaiore, you find the street market, the perfect place to find a little bit of everything.

If you want to try zero waste organic shopping, you should stop at Lo Spaccio Tutto Sfuso in Viareggio bulk shop. It is the only shop in Versilia that allows you to buy loose products by bringing your containers and filling them. In this way, you avoid producing waste, without packaging and packaging. Take all the time you need for your shopping, the girls are always very nice and helpful, and the Spaccio is not just a grocery store but a meeting place, where you can stop and chat, discuss recipes and ways of life.

An organic grocery is Bioversilia di Pampaloni Marco, it is located on Via Provinciale Vallecchia 163 in Pietrasanta in Località Vallecchia.

I also love Natural sourdough bread made from stone-ground ancient grain flours (from the local Molino Angeli), from Lievitamente in Viareggio. They also make an excellent pizza, you can take it there or finish to cook it at home in 5 minutes to have it crunchy as freshly made.


This is a small selection of all the good food shops and grocery you find in Versilia. I hope this article was useful for you to have some tips and ideas where to go shopping in Versilia during your sustainable holiday.