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Family holidays: extreme sports for children in Versilia

Versilia is the perfect destination for sporty families who want to have an active holiday in nature. The territory of Versilia, north of Tuscany, for its conformation in fact offers numerous landscapes and different contexts to explore with children and teenagers, who love outdoor sports.

If your kids are over 10 years old and enjoy exploring nature, hiking and experiencing the thrill of extreme sports, then you should try these sporting activities during your holiday in Versilia.

Are your kids active and love extreme sports? Versilia from the sea to the mountains offers exciting opportunities. Normally the most extreme sports are carried out accompanied by expert guides, in the area there are many associations of environmental guides and excursionists who will guide you.




Lecciona is a magnificent free beach located in the south of Viareggio. A long stretch of fine sand that slopes gently into the sea. The natural environment of the dune, of the pinewood and the scent of the Mediterranean scrub will accompany you during your favourite extreme sport. The whole is then crowned by the magnificent background of the Apuan Alps landscape. What can I say, is the perfect place to try or practice kitesurfing. You can ask information at one of the water sports schools of Lido di Camaiore, I suggest you Nimbus Club. You can practice kite surfing when there is Libeccio and clearly when there are not too many swimmers on the coast. Spring and summer are ideal.




For those who want to try a less extreme sport on board, there is the possibility to try wakeboarding in the Brentino quarry, at Wake Park Versilia. Wakeboarding is a water sport with a board that slides to the waterline pulled by a cable. In Versilia you can try this sport by being towed by an electric motor that moves between two sides of the quarry. in the water there are many ramps and slides to launch challenges and test your skills.




The Camaiore valley has a strong vocation for rock climbing, which is why it is a popular destination for climbing enthusiasts. In September 2018 there was the first edition of the Slow Travel Fest – Camaiore Climbing and Trekking Festival, three days of intense activity with excursions, music, contests, conferences and great guests. There was a wide participation by young people on the many scheduled excursions. An unexpected success for Camaiore that we hope will continue and grow more and more. The Camaiore Climbing & Trekking Festival can be a good opportunity for families to enjoy  during a stay in a holiday house in Versilia. Come to try and practice climbing in the Camaiore valley in safety.




Downhill is an extreme mountain bike sport, which consists in running at high speed down the hills or the mountains. It is a sport that pushes you to the extreme while you discover the territory in depth. The Camaiore valley is really full of paths very suitable for descent at full speed. If you are looking for mountain bike paths you can see three routes of different levels of difficulty that we have already proposed in this blog post: “Versilia by bike: the most beautiful itineraries from Borgo4case”.

If you do not think that these activities are suitable for your children and you prefer to do some less extreme activities I recommend hiking and trekking, discovering landscapes and nature. Download here the mini guide I wrote for you, with tips about Versilia hidden places.