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Family holiday. 5 things to do at borgo4case

I believe that Borgo4case is the perfect place for a holiday into nature for the whole family. I spent the first two years of my life in this place, then I grew up in Milan and every year I used to spend my holiday at borgo4case. Here I did my first steps and learnt to swim. Versilia coast has long sandy beaches and shallow backdrop is perfect for playing in the waves.

In this magical place you can return child everyday playing with your children: looking for fireflies in the spring, run around the chickens and feed them, observing geckos on the walls, chilling in the shadow of the porch in front of the olive grove.

So, I invite you with your children to discover this calm  and safe place. I tell you the 5 reasons why a children would love this place:

1. Clean air, the silence, the calm of nature.

Not only adults need calm and relaxation. Even children know how to recognize the silence, enjoy the peace and the sounds of nature. In the city there are few opportunities to get in contact with the natural and rural environment, borgo4case is a small microcosm where your children and you can explore the world of insects, reactants, you may encounter curious nightlife like the hedgehog, the porcupine and sometimes the fox. A healthy environment with clean air is important to regenerate the body and clean it from urban smog. Borgo4case is located in the heart of Versilia, 8 km from the sea, along the Via Francigena, at the foothills of the Apuane Alps that offer trekking and walks for families with children. Only 15 minutes by car is the largest lake in Tuscany, in Massaciuccoli. At the Lipu reserve you can watch the animals in the nature thanks to the paths and the palates on the water, perfect for a bicycle trip.


2. The salt water swimming pool

Our swimming pool water contains a small percentage of salt, much less than sea water and even less than tears. Bathing in our pool does not irritates eyes, does not bleach the skin because it does not contain chemical chlorine, which is toxic to the skin. The water is purified through electrolysis of salt. The 6m x 13m swimming pool is ideal for playing with your children, you can explore deep water and swimming race. And being very careful not to get hurt, you can even dive!


3. The tennis table

Table tennis combines adults and children in challenges and family tournaments. I spent many years playing ping-pong with my mom, I was very strong in the back, but I was always knocking on the straight. Now it’s for a while that she does not give me a rematch.
Next to the table you find a little relax area with chairs perfect to enjoy watching your children playing.

4. The pond, hens, bees …

Borgo4case is like a small miniature didactic farm. The pond is a very crowded place full of interesting creatures: red fishes, frogs and elegant dragonflies. Next to the pond there is the henchmen of Mimì and Cocò, our two lovely hens and their parter Cedrone, the fifon rooster. You would offer them some delicious food they become immediately curious. And for the bravest children, there is a chance to discover the world of bees through the windows of the educational hive.

5. Experiences with the 5 senses

In the garden there are numerous Mediterranean aromatic plants that fall into an olfactory path, you can taste fruits and flowers directly from the plants, you can see many flowers and colors. Listen to the grazing of the frogs, chase the lazy, watch the stars and the milky way. Every sense is stimulated in full, just let it be carried.

In our homes (Stalletta and Torretta) you can find the baby crib, the high chair, the bath-tub and some games for the beach and the swimmingpool. At borgo4case you can feel safe: the fence separates the garden from the street.