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Experiences in the Tuscan nature

Two houses immersed in the nature of Versilia, welcoming in all seasons, for a romantic getaway with your partner or for a holiday with the family, and for experiencing unique experiences in nature.

Are you looking for an opportunity for travel and personal growth? let yourself be inspired by the experiences that Gaia offers you. During your stay in Versilia you can give space to your most authentic part, to see change in your life and bring home a memorable moment.

Experiences in the Tuscan nature with Gaia

Tuscan cooking experience with Paola and Gaia

Would you like to learn some simple and fun tuscan food in your holiday country house? Book your Tuscan cooking experience you’d like to make with Paola and Gaia.  A cooking experience in your holiday house is a wonderful way to dive into the Italian lifestyle and culture.


What better souvenir to bring with you cooking knowledge to last a lifetime? Get ready to dirt your hands and eat good food with your hosts!

Body movement, contact and dance


Perception, listening, movement exercises and free dance: without judgment, without schemes. To put ourselves in a position to learn we must be willing to make mistakes, get involved, do something new. We can do it together.


"That energy under the skin, without explanation. Vitale, game. Chatter. Jump of cricket. Feet in a puddle, splashes of mud and then go, go, go. Dance and buzz. Lightness, flight. Suspension. Risa. Dondolii , shackles, shafts and springs. Collapses. Free falls and pindaric flights. Takeoffs and landings. Look at you! from outside, who are you? Do you see yourself? how are you? what shape are you?"



Voice, breathe and body


Breathing and vocal exercises to find out more about ourselves through sound and presence in the body. A moment of sharing together, in nature and with nature. A moment of lightness, to discover ourselves better.


"I am body, I am movement. I am flesh, hot. Now it is I, in the water and dancing with a thousand legs that flow fluid. I feel like a woman, a glass of water; I feel like a man, strong, I fall and rise. "It's gravity, there's no vertigo. Like an hourglass I'm upside down and I can turn around every time I don't feel like it. And then there's all the time, slow and silent. There's a pause."

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    Self-production and biodiversity


    A walk in the land with Gaia, to show you how we grow products in our land following Permaculture principles. At the end we offer you a tasting of our extra virgin olive oil, honey from our apiary, and local products. Activity suitable for adults and families with children to enjoy tuscan nature and agriculture.


    "Humus. Human, your body dwells. It feeds every cell. Feed the earth, and the earth will nourish you. Sow life, and reap its fruits. There is nothing more to consume, but you have an immense space to co- create. If you want, you can start here. "