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Elderflower syrup recipe from Borgo4case

Today I propose the recipe of the elderflower syrup of my neighbor Petra, originally from Germany, who is living in Camaiore since 30 years. In Northern Europe, the Elderberry plant is used to create juices, jams and syrups.



As the elderberry is a plant growing wild even in our areas, we take advantage of the fruits that nature offers to self-produce some sweet recipes. I have been used doing it every year since I live here and every year the scent, the taste and the color vary according to the vintage, like all the biological products. Some call it elderberry sparkling wine due to its natural tendency to ferment.


elderberry plant - flower
Plant and inflorescences


• 4 biological lemons

• 20-30 elderberry inflorescences

• 1 kg sugar

• 2 l water

• 40g of citric acid



Slice the lemons with the peel, obtaining slices of half a centimeter thick. Alternate layers of lemon slices and elder flowers (previously cleaned) in a large glass jar (it is important that you can close it with a screw cap and be transparent).

Bring the water to a boil, turn off the heat, then add the sugar and mix until completely melted. Allow to cool.


elderberry flower lemon syrup


When the syrup is at room temperature add it to the glass jar until the lemons and flowers are covered. Allow to macerate in the glass at the sunlight for two days.

After two days, filter well with strainer and sterile gauze to remove flowers and impurities. Add 40g of citric acid, mix well until completely melted and bottle. The deposit at the bottom that is formed in the bottles is normal; there are pollens of the flower of elderberry, which like all pollens are a panacea!

Ideas to use the syrup

The syrup is kept in the refrigerator for a few months. It is excellent diluted in sparkling water, to enrich cocktails or as a quick aperitif to add an extra touch to a sparkling white wine. It can also be used pure for the preparation of ice-lollies.