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Eco-sustainable holidays in Versilia

I already imagine you are wondering, why should I plan my eco-sustainable holidays in Versilia?

Every human action brings with it consequences on the environment. How we eat, transport, the accommodation we live in, every purchase we make, even a holiday. We can, therefore, choose to travel in a more sustainable and conscious way, starting from the choice of destination. Versilia is certainly not a famous land as a destination for eco-sustainable holidays, but I assure you that there are numerous aspects that are still little known. By relying on the suggestions of the locals, you can reach pleasant places to visit uncrowded and surrounded by nature.

I moved from Milan to Versilia now 10 years ago, over time I discovered that there is much more behind the image of private beaches and clubs. Versilia also deserves the opportunity to redeem the image of being a destination just for the sea and fun. Did you know that there are several protected natural parks, hills and unknown villages? local gastronomy linked to small typical productions, enchanting beauties totally out of the tourist routes?

All of you can choose Versilia as a destination for your sustainable eco-friendly vacation: mountain and sea lovers, families with children, young people and couples, they find here everything they are looking for. Versilia is in the heart of Tuscany, so you can reach it in one hour trip from Florence. With low travel expenses, you can invest a greater budget in excursions, experiences, workshops and guided tours.


1 Car, train, bike or travel on foot.

The means by which you choose to reach the destination of your trip greatly affects the budget of your holiday. By choosing to stay inland, having a car can be an advantage for having the flexibility to visit the surroundings. The territory is also quite equipped with charging stations for electric cars. Often public transport does not reach the hill villages with high frequency. Carefully evaluate this aspect and if you cannot choose an alternative vehicle to the car, you can try to compensate for your impact in choosing sustainable accommodation and sustainable purchases.

You could consider taking the train. Versilia, with its numerous stations, is served fairly well by both regional and Intercity trains. The main station is Viareggio, but numerous fast trains also stop in Pietrasanta. Camaiore also has its own small station (Camaiore-Lido-Capezzano), mostly served by regional trains. It can be reached by regional train changing in Viareggio.

If, on the other hand, you want to concentrate more on the journey than on the destination, you can reach Versilia along the Via Francigena, both on foot and by bicycle. The stages covering the stretch of Versilia are stages 26 and 27, respectively from Massa to Camaiore (25.9km) and from Camaiore to Lucca (23.8km).

If you are considering spending a totally relaxing stay and doing nothing – lulled by the warmth of the sun among the olive trees and the coolness of the swimming pool – Borgo4case is the ideal place. You can do the shopping on foot by going to the local shops nearby the house, or you can ask for the home delivery service. You can take a walk on foot, following the ancient paths that can be reached directly from the houses. You can rent an E-bike to move around and explore the surroundings. Borgo4case is located right along the stretch of Francigena that connects Camaiore to Lucca, you can schedule a stop in our B&B apartment and take a few relaxing days to visit this beautiful valley more calmly. You may also be interested in the Versilia article for cyclists: the most beautiful itineraries from Borgo4case.


2 What to pack for your eco-sustainable holidays in Versilia

A swimsuit and flip flops cannot be missing, but remember that there is much more than the beach. I advise you to bring trekking boots and comfortable hiking clothing, for walks, bike rides, guided canoe or kayak tours. And also technical clothing for the many extreme sports activities in nature.

What else to pack for an eco vacation? The suitcase often contains unnecessary objects that take up space, or objects that have a very high environmental impact. For example, look at your bathroom beauty case, how sustainable is it? You can think of replacing disposable objects with reusable objects, these will also take up less space in your suitcase. You can consider reducing packaging by choosing to purchase hygiene products with reduced or absent packaging. If you want some suggestions read the article I wrote Traveling sustainable: what to pack.


3 How long do eco-sustainable holidays last?

Consider planning a long stay in your destination. If you decide to spend your eco-sustainable holidays in Versilia, I recommend you to spend at least 5 days: one to land, one to relax, one to explore, one to get excited and the last to achieve what you have lived and taken with you a deep memory.

Try to reduce displacements. Your destination is already full of places of interest, many of which can be reached directly on foot, by bicycle or e-bike. We are often driven to look for famous places, now deprived of their true essence, precisely because of tourism. I really like capturing beauty in small things and simply observing the habits of the locals: how they use the spaces, what they eat and how they use the ingredients in the kitchen, what the locals’ gathering places are. How do they hang the laundry? how do they get coffee? where do they go for a walk? We are all curious, I am sure that you, on the road too, peek behind the front doors of the courtyards to see if there is a small vegetable garden behind or a fresh corner to eat under a pergola.


4 Eco-sustainable accommodation in Versilia

The accommodation will be your temporary home, the place where you want to feel safe and where you can find the things you love. Choosing sustainable accommodation allows you to balance the emissions due to the move, and allows you to find your good eco-sustainable habits even on vacation. Having the opportunity to follow your eco routine even on vacation will make you have a sense of tranquillity, you will experience gratification, and you will have no resentments.

Check that the accommodation takes care of sustainability. Check that you have what you need to make a good separate collection, that has made choices that will help you use less energy, with low-consumption bulbs and twilight sensors. I’m sure you will sleep more peacefully knowing that the laundry has been washed with less waste of water, non-polluting soaps and zero waste.

Borgo4case has been offering eco-sustainable hospitality for over 20 years. You can choose between a detached house and an apartment for 4 people. The idea of ​​slow living was, first of all, a lifestyle choice, which then naturally turned into the philosophy of our tourist reception activity. Being able to offer a beautiful, comfortable and eco-friendly location will inspire you to re-evaluate your way of life. Choosing Borgo4case you will find a renovated estate with traditional materials, a swimming pool without chemical chlorine, renewable energy sources, self-production, reduction of consumption, closure of cycles locally, support for the community and attention to purchases.


5 Eco-sustainable purchases in Versilia

Where will you shop during your trip? what food will you eat? Your trip could be a good opportunity to experiment with a new approach to your nutrition, which aims at quality and low impact if you don’t already do so. Organic and biodynamic products, a diet more focused on the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit and typical local products, which follow certain specifications.

Versilia and Lucchesia are areas suited to small quality agricultural productions. There are numerous alternatives to the supermarket, such as local farmers’ markets and local shops. On vacation you have more free time, you may choose not to go to the supermarket but buy directly from the producers, who will also be able to recommend recipes for typical dishes. In this way, you enter a truly more authentic reality, in contact with the locals. You also help the local community, create a relationship and have more security as to the origin of the product you buy.

You find numerous local organic and biodynamic producers from which we also supply ourselves, with whom a stable relationship of trust has been created. If you are curious to find out more, do not hesitate to ask for advice!

I hope to have stimulated you with a little curiosity and to be able to welcome you soon to share together this new face of Versilia, focused on sustainability and the local community, without sacrificing comfort and relaxation. Find out more about Casa Torretta and Casa Stalletta and contact us here for information and reservations.