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Body movement, contact and dance

An experience in the body: dance, contact and movement.

By connecting with ourselves and with others, in a protected environment, we can make room for our emotions. Dance is like a form of meditation, it helps me to cope with stress and reach serenity. Without the need to follow specific steps, we abandon ourselves to the rhythm, to the sounds, and we move freely, to reach sensations of “ecstasy”, experienced in different degrees.




Change through movement, contact and dance

Drawing on different dance styles, such as Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improvisation, we know ourselves better and improve our relationships and relationships with others. We develop the adaptability of our body, we face contact with each other, we play with the force of gravity and the relationships between the protagonists. We learn to listen to the partner through non-verbal means, we explore empathy, we expand trust. A good exercise that can help us improve our relationships and relationships.

Experience with the voice in nature

Turn your journey into a memorable experience of change. Let yourself be guided by your breath, by the contact of your body with others and with nature, without judgment, to bring out those most authentic emotions.

We live constantly in our mind, we let the head take over, we forget our body. Dance is a means that allows us to return to inhabit it. Through simple exercises of breath, dance, contact and movement we will re-emerge together, deep contact with our body.

I propose you breathing and dance exercises to find out more about ourselves through free movement and presence in the body. A moment of sharing together, in nature and with nature. Small moments of light-heartedness and lightness, to discover ourselves better.