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B&B Casa Torretta: the breakfast

I like taking care of my guests, and the breakfast is a very delicate moment of the day, so I pay attention to every detail. I prepare a balanced and rich breakfast and every day I try to vary the products, to satisfy everyone’s tastes and never bore the palates of my guests.



Food and health the combination for breakfast at B&B Torretta:

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,” said Hippocrates. I make my diet an important aspect of taking care of myself, and I also apply the same principles for my guests’ breakfast. I always offer a wide range of products, which include carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables. I choose products with genuine ingredients: ancient grains and fruits, stone-ground wholemeal flours, unprocessed products free of preservatives and excessive seasonings.


A sustainable and organic breakfast:

The breakfast I prepare follows my life philosophy: sustainable, zero-waste and organic. Purchase bulk products to reduce packaging and avoid unnecessary consumption and waste of plastic and paper, because reducing is better than recycling! I choose products grown locally following organic and biodynamic disciplines. Purchase exotic products, such as coffee or cocoa, from certified fair trade to ensure that they are grown in accordance with the producers. I follow the seasonality of the products, so I offer products grown according to the cycles of nature, which have required low energy consumption.


ecobnb-torretta-colazione organic-ecobnb-breakfast

I use local products:

I choose small local organic farms and I buy, when I can, directly from the producer. I like visiting companies and checking their work. I am an agronomist and to a small extent also a peasant, so I like to check how the producers work and I choose those who operate following an ecological and organic philosophy.

The milk when it’s possible comes directly from the breeder. When I have the opportunity I offer fruit and vegetables grown in the vegetable garden and orchard of Borgo4case.


colazione bed and breakfast con prodotti locali caffè, dolci e salato

Traditions and knowledge:

Food is a means by which a territory and its traditions are told. There are specific products that evoke stories and knowledge. I try to never miss IGP and DOP products on the table. Small recipes of Tuscan and Camaiorese gastronomy that I have acquired over the years and which are now part of my culinary background.